Something special

Select a raised bed to suit your style and space, Fill it with an option that matches your personality, Or give it to someone special.

Our magical micro gardens are great for kids first intro to gardening, practical for those limited on space, and perfect for those who are in it for the taste.

If you like, we can even come and give it a refresh once a season or just a touch-up once a month.

Price depends on type and size of the raised bed, and what sort of plants or small trees are in it, best to contact us and we can do an estimate based on what you would like.

Super foods

Packed full for your daily dose of goodness.

Kale & spinach, Silverbeet & rocket.

Pick a couple of leaves every day for your smoothies, salads, omelette or green juice.

A pretty mix of chillies from mild and sweet to hot and fiery.

A selection of popular herbs, Parley, chives, sage, basil, mint, rosemary & oregano.

Pick them regularly and let the magical aromas transport you to the Italian coast.

A popular mix of lettuce, pick a few leaves from each plant for a garden fresh salad. 

Plant a new punnet every month and never run out!

A dwarf lime is just the right partner for your Friday EKO.

A civilised slice for your beer, and then later, a wild wedge for the tequila slammer.

Surrounded by a slow growing mint and you have the essentials for the Cuban caprioska.

Mini cactus are a favourite for little kids, they are almost invincible, come in all sorts of colours and shapes, and some of them even have teeny tiny flowers.

A low maintenance intro to risk management for your precious little angels.

Choose a dwarf stonefruit, maybe a soft peach or a juicy nectarine.

Deep purple leaves make it a feature, and the fruit is perfect on a hot summers day.

We can make a bed custom for you, or here is a link to Birdies who make all kinds of raised beds ready to go if you want a bit of DIY action:


Once you’ve had a look give us a call and we can have a chat and make sure its right for you.

Magical micro gardens to fit any space

We don’t cut corners to maximize our profit.